Friday, January 20, 2006

Water District Provides Billing Relief

We received the following announcement from the Marin Municipal Water District yesterday.

At their January 18 board meeting, the Board of Directors of Marin Municipal Water District voted in favor of discounting the cost of water used by customers to clean up their properties in the wake of recent flooding. The emergency measure will permit an adjustment to the water bill of customers who can substantiate the extraordinary use of water for the 30-day period following December 31, 2005 (ending January 30, 2006) for the sole purpose of cleaning up their properties in the aftermath of the flood. The adjustment for qualifying customers will be limited to two billing periods and is at the discretion of MMWD General Manager Paul Helliker. To initiate a request for adjustment or for more information on the calculation used for the billing adjustment MMWD customers should contact the Customer Service Department at 415-945-1400 or by email at and follow-up with a formal written request.