Tuesday, January 10, 2006

FEMA Update, Town Hall and the Weather

Today I participated in a conference call with the Office of Emergency Services (OES) for the County and representatives from all cities in the County along with special districts. We were told that FEMA has completed its assessment of Marin and that the total damage assessment at this point is $110 million for the County as a whole. Fairfax staff met with County and FEMA and Small Business Administration (SBA) representatives on Friday of last week and we completed all the steps they requested for providing initial damage assessments for both private and public property. The County is projecting that the Presidential declaration of an emergency could take place as soon as the end of this week. So, we are all waiting for this, because this will open up assistance to residents, homeowners and business owners as well as financial help for the Town in the form of partial reimbursement for disaster related expenses.

I want to give you a brief update on Town Hall, the Police Department and Fire Department. The carpet has been removed from most of the areas in these buildings and clean-up and restoration work needs to be done. Some staff may move out of the building during this process. If this happens, we will provide public notice as to where we are located so that we can continue to provide you with service.

OES notified us that two storms are on the way, one tonight and one Friday night. Friday night's is predicted to be a heavier storm. We are restocking our sandbag supply and checking the creeks as best we can for removal of branches and debris. If your property borders a creek, we ask that if you are able, please remove any obstructions that you see that may impede the flow of water.

As a side note, I'd like to say a word of thanks to everyone for their patience during the storm aftermath. This being only my second week with the Town, I have met so many residents who have come through this experience with a positive attitude and with constructive ideas for helping. I have also enjoyed a very warm welcome from so many people. Thank you for making Fairfax a great place to be.

Please check our website at www.townoffairfax.org under Town and Community Events on the home page. The dates of the Thank You reception and the Volunteer Board meeting have changed, partially due to limited space availability since our Communuity Center building floor is being replaced due to flooding.