Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blog #19 Town Council Meeting June 3rd

There is a Regular Town Council Meeting on June 3, 2009. Some items for discussion include:

  • Interview and appointment of candidate to serve as the Fairfax representative to the Marin Commission on Aging for a three-year term to June 30, 2012

  • Presentation by Ritter Center regarding their “Art Houses of Marin” project

  • A presentation by Jason Dow, General Manager of the Central Marin Sanitation District regarding a proposal to create a food waste to energy project at the Central Marin Sanitation facility in San Rafael. Commercial food waste would be delivered by garbage haulers to the site and converted into energy.

  • A First Reading of an Ordinance to repeal and replace Town Code Chapter 8.36 regulating the removal of trees

  • Discussion and consideration of approving the purchase and installation of a siren for the Cascade neighborhood. The siren will alert residents of a fire, flood or other emergency.

  • Discussion and consideration of amendments to the Tobacco Ordinance

  • Report of the status of the General Plan Update and Specific Plan process

  • Discussion and consideration of adopting Mission, Vision, and Core Values for the Town

For a complete agenda of the June 3, 2009 Town Council Meeting please click:

Blog # 18 Fairfax Festival Parade Seeks Entries

The Fairfax Festival is seeking entries for its 32nd annual Fairfax Parade, scheduled for 10 a.m. June 13.

Neighborhoods, families, classes, schools and groups of friends are invited to participate.

Applications, accepted until June 5, are available at www.fairfax

Friday, May 08, 2009

Blog #17 - Town Council Actions from May 6, 2009 Meeting

The Town Council met on May 6, 2009, and discussed a number of issues including agreeing to send a letter to the Marin-Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District urging them to preserve the “No-Spray List”. The District recently decided to not preserve the “No-Spray List”. The Council agreed to send a letter to the District urging them to preserve the list and include all Fairfax residents on the “No-Spray List”.

The Council also received an update from Planning and Building Services Director Jim Moore on the progress of updating the General Plan. There are several Elements of the General Plan that will be before the Council in the next few months. They are the Circulation Element and the Conservation Element.

Other actions taken by the Council include:

1. Re-appointed Holly Bragman to a three year term on the Fairfax Volunteer Board

2. Appointed Lana Pereyaslavska to a three-year term on the Fairfax Volunteer Board

3. Received a presentation from the League of Women Voters regarding proposed Campaign Finance Reform

4. Adopted a resolution commending the Ross Valley Fire Department for hosting the Fire Explorer Training Program

5. Adopted a resolution authorizing the Artists-in Residence to renew the mural at Central Field

6. Approved an Agreement with Camille Esposito to establish children’s recreational programming in Fairfax. Program ideas include arts and science, sports, music, dance, a New Mom’s Group, and special events.

7. Received a report from the Affordable Housing Committee on two potential sites in Town with willing property owners. There will be more information to come on this item. The town is in an exploratory mode right now.

8. Adopted a resolution authorizing participation in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Grant Application Process for partial funding for a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle purchase through the Federal Economic Stimulus monies

Other Notes:

The Fairfax Farmer’s Market has started up again. It is every Wednesday from 4-8 PM in Bolinas Park. There is a lot of great and fresh food, live music, and informational booths. The Town installed a bike rack for use while visiting the Farmer's Market at the far end of Bolinas Park by the Fairfax Creek (near where the bounce house is during the Market).

The Fairfax Festival and Ecofest is June 13-14

The next Town Council Meeting will be held on June 3, 2009.