Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog #37 - Lots to be Thankful for in Fairfax

Dear Fairfax:

We have heard the stories of foreclosures and layoffs. We also have seen the bankruptcy of a major California city and heard the struggles of many cities and counties across California and the nation regarding the dramatic decrease in property and sales tax revenues.

Despite all the doom and gloom news we are very fortunate in Fairfax. Sales tax revenues are unchanged from last year thus far and the Town is confident the sales tax projections in the FY 2008/09 budget will be met. The Town will receive the first installment of property taxes on December 10th and will also have a mid-year budget review for the Town Council in February of 2009 so we may review the revenues and expenditures to date and make sure that we are on target to balance the budget.

Town finance officials were very conservative in their revenue estimates and so far that is paying off. There have been only a few foreclosures in Fairfax over the last 12 months and so again we are very fortunate compared to what many cities are facing. Part of our fortune is that we do not rely heavily on sales taxes as some cities do. Sales tax revenues only represent about seven percent of our revenue stream. In times of economic downturn sales tax revenues are the first to decrease. Property tax revenues are fairly constant as long as there are not foreclosures, so again we are very fortunate.

Please be reminded there is a Town Council Meeting on December 3rd and the Council will be selecting a new Mayor and Vice Mayor and there will be a State of the Town adress by outgoing Mayor Maggiore. To view the full agenda please go to the Town's Home Page and then click of Council Packet.

I hope the Holiday Season in filled with peace and happiness for all of you.

Michael Rock
Town Manager

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog #36 November 4, 2008 Election now Official

The County of Marin certified the November 4, 2008 Election today. The results are now official.

Measure C (Plastic Bag Initiative) passed overwhelmingly by the following vote:

Yes 3705 (78.51%)
No 1014 (21.49%)

Measure D (Appointment of Town Clerk failed by a very thin margin:

No 2064 (50.93%)
Yes 1989 (49.07%)

A total of 4719 Fairfaxians voted on election day!!

A reminder to all residents that Town Offices will be closed November 27 and 28 and December 24 and 25 and January 1, 2009 for the holidays.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blog #35 Town Council Action - November 19, 2008 Meeting

The Town Council took the following actions at the November 19th Town Council Meeting:

1. Interviewed and then appointed Tom Childers to the General Plan Advisory Committee.

2. Heard a presentation from the Police Department about a new traffic and speed measuring device. The device would be used solely for the purpose of collecting data on counting the number of cars and measuring the speed of a specific street where the device would be mounted.

3. Hear a presentation from AT&T regarding Project Lightspeed. This project entails installing 8 electronic cabinets throughout the Town for the purpose of upgrading AT&T television and internet technologies. This item will return to the Council for more discussion at the December 3rd Council Meeting.

4. Voted to uphold the appeal for 51 Meernaa and thus overturn the Planning Commission decision to deny the project.

5. Voted to uphold the appeal for 177 Frustuck and thus overturn the Planning Commission decision to deny the project.

6. Approved a Proclamation establishing Days of Remembrance to recall the aerial pesticide sprayings for the Light Brown Apple Moth.

7. Conducted a second reading and then adopted an ordinance approving the revised Marin Energy Authority Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) and authorized the Implementation of a Community Choice Aggregation Program. This action makes Fairfax one of the founding members of the new JPA, along with the County and the Town of Tiburon.

8. Adopted an Ordinance to amend the Town Code (Section 8.36.050 and 8.36.110) regarding Town initiated tree removals.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog #34 MCSTOPP Annual Report, New Work Order System for Residents

MCSTOPP Annual Report

The MCSTOPP (Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program) annual report for 2007/08 is available at the following link: Every year the County produces a report on behalf of all the cities and towns in the County. See also the following link regarding a project in Fairfax:

New "Work Order" System now in Place for Residents and Businesses

The Town Public Works Department has a new and easy way to report a maintenance need to the Town. Please click on the link: and submit a "work order" to Public Works.

Please save this link in your favorites to send routine work requests to Public Works staff. An e-mail is sent directly to the Director of Public Works and the Senior Maintenance Worker. The request is then converted to a Work Order that tracks time and materials for each request. This system will be extremely helpful in evaluating Department efficiency and for budget preparation. Keep in mind emergency requests should be called in through Police Dispatch or through the main Public Works line.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog #33 - Affordable Housing Information

At the November 5, 2008 Town Council Meeting Henry Gardner, Executive Director of ABAG - the Association of Bay Area Governments made a presentation to the Council about all the services ABAG provides the cities and counties in the 9 Bay Area Counties. He focused a great deal on affordable housing issues, including the total number of affordable housing units each jurisdiction is required to plan for. At the Council meeting many residents asked that the web links explaining affordable housing numbers and other housing information be provided.

Below are the links that ABAG provided to me and the Town promised to provide to residents.

Projections 2009:

Projections 2007:

Housing Needs:

Housing Reports:

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog #32 Town Council Actions - November 5, 2008 Meeting

The Town Council took the following actions at their regular meeting on November 5, 2008:

1. Recognized Key Women in Commerce in the Community. The Mayor independently gave out certificates to a number of successful business owners in appreciation for their contributions to the Town of Fairfax. The Economic Sustainability Plan recommended the Town recognize successful businesses, which was the basis for the awards.

Valerie Teijero Yeah Baby

Huda Al-Jamal Revolution 9

Patty Bruszewski Sherman’s General Store

Polly Knox Fairfax Variety

Stephanie Mohan Portraits

Karen Rossi Village Green Florists

Toni Jones Avatar Business Services

Shannon Staple Fat Angel Bakery

Lorie Kulberg Culture Shock

Alisha Peterson & Susan Delurgio Beach House Style

Congratulations to all these successful women owned businesses in Fairfax!

2. Acknowledged the long time service of outgoing Youth Commissioner Ginny Aballo.

3. Heard a presentation from Henry Gardner, Executive Director of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) regarding the services ABAG provides to its members and issues related to affordable housing.

4. Heard a presentation from Larry Kennings, a Planning Consultant for the Town, regarding the history and status of the proposed Mixed Use Overlay Ordinance and issues relating to affordable housing.

5. Approved a number of consent items including a resolution expressing appreciation for thirty years of public service to the Town of Fairfax by Michael O'Reilly, a Public Works department employee. The Council also awarded a contract to Alta Planning and Design for the San Rafael-Fairfax Bicycle Feasibility Study.

6. Hear a first reading of Ordinance 739 regarding the Marin Energy Authority Joint Powers Agreement and authorizing the implementation of a Community Choice Aggregation Program.

7. Requested the Ross Valley Sanitary District pave Cascade Drive (in certain sections) curb to curb based on the sewer line project damaging the street. The Sanitary District will provide the Town with the cost estimates to pave Cascade Dr. and other streets curb to curb.