Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog #27 - Safety Fair and Open House at Town Center

The Town of Fairfax Disaster Council is sponsoring a Disaster Preparedness Fair on May 15 from 12 NOON - 3:00 PM. The Red Cross, Marin Office of Emergency Services, Marin Municipal Water District, the Human Society, Police and Fire personnel will be at the Fair.

In addition to the Fair the Town is hosting an Open House so the public may tour Town Hall and meet the staff and learn about the services provided. See attached flyer below for more details.

FREE HOT DOGS will be served at the Fair!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog #26 - Improvements on Drake begin April 26th

Major improvements to Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in the Town of Ross will begin on April 26th and is scheduled to be complete by June 15th, 2010.

The first improvement will be the installation of a 2700 foot long water pipe on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. between Winship Avenue and Lagunitas Road. Work hours are between 8 AM -6:30 PM. Two lanes will be open at all times during the MMWD project. There will be minor delays due to this construction project.

The next improvement will be the installation of sidewalks by the Town of Ross July 1-August 15. The new sidewalk will be on Drake between Bolinas Ave. and Kentfield.

In addition to the Town of Ross will be replacing the Lagunitas Road Bridge between June 15 and October 31.

If you would like additional information please go to or to

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog #25 - Mini Charrette Planned to Accommodate More Ross Valley Students within the Town of Fairfax

Two Meeting Dates have been confirmed for a Mini Charrette regarding the need to address an increased population of students entering the Ross Valley School District.

The first Mini Charrette meeting will be held on Sunday April 25th from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm in the Women's Club, and the second meeting will be held on Saturday May 1st from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm in the Women’s Club.

This first session on April 25th will focus on:

a) Background briefings, b) brainstorming “values” going forward, and c) “listing” all acceptable opportunity sites

The second session on May 1st will focus on:

a) Reviewing “site-capacity” studies on the sites identified on the 25th (prepared by design professionals between the public sessions.)

b) Receive feed-back on the alternative plans, and prioritize sites.

Then, on May 6th at the Ross Valley School Board meeting the results of the Mini Charrette will be presented to the Board to give them (1) a confirmed list of potential sites, (2) capacity studies on each of those sites, and (3) a preference of those sites and possible “strategies” to accommodate 180 new students in Fairfax.

These three items would be presented with the strong recommendation on how to conduct the CEQA review on ALL the sites in the District equally.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog #24 - Town Council Approves Dark Green Option

The Town Council unanimously chose the “Dark Green” option with the Marin Clean Energy (MCE) program. The “Dark Green” option uses 100% renewable energy. The other option with MCE was a “Light Green” option which uses about 50% renewable energy. The Town’s solar panels on the Pavilion are powering most of the Town’s energy needs thus the “dark green” option will essentially be cost neutral for the Town.

Other actions taken at the April 7, 2010 Regular Town Council Meeting:

• Re-appointed Vicki Burns to the Parks and Recreation Commission and re-appointed Anya Schandler to the Volunteer Board.

• Adopted a Resolution re-naming Central Field “Contratti Field” in honor of Town employee Rudy Contratti for his dedication to the maintenance of the field.

• Adopted a Resolution opposing Proposition 16: The California Constitutional Amendment Ballot Initiative entitled: New Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers.

• Reviewed and discussed the East-West Bikeway Plan and will discuss and consider it again at the May 5th Council meeting.

• Adopted a Resolution authorizing budget adjustments for the current fiscal year 2009-10 budget.

• Discussed and considered amendments to the Second Unit Amnesty Ordinance. After some discussion directed staff to return at the May 5th Council meeting with amendments to the Ordinance that would relax the requirement of installing sprinklers in second units.

• Discussed at some length the “smart meter” technology being installed in many communities by PG&E. Due to some possible inaccuracies in the smart meter related to billing customers and possible negative health effects the Council directed the Mayor to write a letter and directed staff to draft an Ordinance to opt out of having smart meters installed in Fairfax.

• Adopted a Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign an MOU with the Marin Energy Authority related to a Guaranty for $100,000 and related instruments in connection with a working capital loan in exchange for annual payments of $7,368 for a period not to exceed 16 months.

The next Town Council meeting will be May 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM in the Women's Club.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Blog #23 - U.S. Census Count is Important

The official U.S. Census is conducted every ten years as described in Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. It calls for a an accurate count of the people living in the USA and is used as a gauge in the allotment of of each state's seats in the House of Representatives and in the allocation of funds to citizens in need.

If the number of Fairfax residents is under counted Fairfax will receive less money from federal and state grants and many other funds.

The Census Bureau seeks to determine only the following information:

Occupant's age, address, phone number, gender, race, birth date and marital status and whether the home is owned or rented. Census workers must conduct the survey in person, through the mail or by phone. You are not required to give your social security number or pay or donate any money to a census worker.

It is vital that all Fairfaxians are counted to ensure we receive every last penny we can in these difficult economic times. It is also important for the Town government to know how many residents it really has and thus really needs to serve.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this important task.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Blog #22 - Sewer Pipe Grants Available

Sewer Pipe Grant Program

The Ross Valley Sanitary District has funds available to help customers fix their sewer pipes. The district’s lateral grant program provides funds for RVSD property owners to repair their damaged sewer pipes.

The Lateral Grant Program is designed to help prevent sanitary sewer overflows, which are caused in part by damaged sewer pipes (known as lateral pipes) on private property. These bad pipes threaten property and public healthy and leaks can cause significant environmental damage as well.

For many people, the need for repairs is obvious, due to chronic problems like backups and overflows that require ongoing professional plumbing maintenance. For others, the signs of leakage and damage may be less evident. If you experience slow-running pipes that cause minor backups in showers and sinks, have noticed odors, or have seen ground movement around your lateral pipe, you should visit the Ross Valley Sanitary District website at, for instructions on dealing with the problem.