Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog #10 - Free Compost Delivered to Fairfax

Compost Delivered on March 31, 2012 to Pavilion Parking Lot

On Saturday
, March 31st FREE Compost will be delivered for all residents of Fairfax.

As part of the new Agreement with Marin Sanitary Service approved by the Town Council in December 2011 free compost is to be delivered to the Town three times per year.

It will be delivered to the Pavilion parking lot next to where the sand is stored for storm events. Residents are encouraged to bring a bag or a container for the compost. A shovel should be available at the compost pile and feel free to bring your own. Compost will be there as long as it lasts. Fifteen (15) tons will be delivered. If you can't make it for this delivery of compost there will be two more deliveries to the Town before next spring.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog #9 - Thirteenth Documentary Film Festival

Please join us for this popular film festival that is generously hosted annually by the Fairfax Theater. The Film Festival begins Friday, March 30 and ends on Sunday, April 1 at the Fairfax Theater. This year's films include:

After Happily Ever After is Emmy-winning filmmaker Kate Schermerhorn’s quirky, funny and moving personal quest for the secret to a happy marriage and for answers to some timely questions about an institution which might just be due for some review. This engaging doc features an eclectic mix of long married couples along with a lively and world-renowned group of marriage experts who piece together the history and possible future and motivations for marriage.

Way of Life follows the story of Michael Daube, a young man of modest means from small town America who finds a valuable piece of art in the garbage, sells it at auction and builds a hospital in one of the most remote areas of India. The film follows an organic path around the world, focusing on the aspects of Daube’s work that inspire us to consider and appreciate our own best intentions.

Interested in participating in the 48-hour, four-minute film challenge? The winning documentaries, and as many others as time permits, will be shown at a special screening during the Fairfax Documentary Film Festival on Sunday, April 1st. Winners for both Juried & Audience Favorite will be announced and prizes awarded at that screening. Read more:

Friday, March 09, 2012

Blog #8 - Town Council Actions from March 7, 2012

Town Refinances Measure K Bond

The Town of Fairfax authorized the sale of $2,880,000 of Revenue Bonds (Series 2012) to
(1) refinance existing bonds issued in 2002 at a more favorable interest rate and (2) finance the acquisition and construction of public capital improvements consistent with the intent of the original bond issue. The bond bidding and award was February 15, 2012.

Six bidders participated, each submitting bids with 16 interest rates for each of the years remaining on the bond. The individual coupon rates bid varied from 2% to 4%. The lowest overall interest rate bidder was Mitsubishi UFJ Securities of San Francisco which likely means the securities will be marketed locally. The highest bid was 2.627338% and the winning, or lowest bid was 2.118578%.

The Bond sale closed March 1st. The Town added $193,726 to funds available for capital improvements.

Collectively tax payers will realize savings for the remainder of the bond term in excess of $20,000 per year.

Other actions taken at the Town Council January 11, 2012 meeting:

• Appointed Natasha Riggens to the Cittaslow Committee;

• Adopted a Proclamation declaring April 8-14, 2012 National Library Week;

• Adopted a Proclamation declaring April as Fair Housing Month in Fairfax;

• Approved a low bid in the amount of $38,000 to Republic ITS for the Streetlight Energy Efficiency Project in Downtown Fairfax. The project involves replacing current streetlights with LED lights to achieve substantial energy savings;

• Authorized the Town Manager to sign an Agreement with Sustainable Fairfax in an amount not to exceed $10,000 for the implementation of a Zero Waste Grant. The Agreement with Sustainable Fairfax is fully funded by the Grant. No general fund monies will be used to implement this grant;

• Authorized the Town Manager to sign an Agreement with Community Media Center of Marin for installation of cameras, cabling and video distribution and to provide video production services during Town Council meetings;

• Authorized the Town Manager to sign an Agreement with Parisi and Associates for the Fairfax Bike Spine Project for an amount not to exceed $25,000. The Agreement is fully funded through the Bike Spine grant and no general fund money will be used to implement the grant;

• Heard a status report and discussed the Banking Service RFP process. The Town has narrowed the selection down to two banks. The selection of a bank for the Town’s banking needs will be on the Council agenda for the April 4, 2012 meeting.

• Adopted Resolution 12-15, adopting the Association of Bay Area Government (ABAG) Plan “Taming Natural Disasters” and the Town of Fairfax Local Annex (appendix), as the Town of Fairfax’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

• Tabled the discussion of the Mid-Year Budget Review to the April 4, 2012 Town Council meeting.

Other notes and announcements:

• Fairfax Festival/Ecofest Outreach Party for potential volunteers on March 15th at the Sleeping Lady, 6 – 8 p.m., Kyle Alden to provide the entertainment

• Public Workshop on Fairfax Schools Bike Spine Project on Saturday, March 17th facilitated by Traffic Engineer David Parisi, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., Fairfax Women’s Club

• Fairfax Festival Poster Contest entries due by April 1st – Prize of $350 and free Festival booth

• Fairfax Food Pantry – Saturdays 9-11 at the Fairfax Community Church, 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, volunteers needed

• Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Annual Brewfest at the Pavilion, Saturday, March 17th, 1 – 5 p.m.

• One Vacancy for Community member on the newly formed Cittaslow Committee

• Vacancy on the Open Space Committee to complete an unexpired term to June 30, 2012

• Vacancies on the Fairfax Youth Commission for Ross Valley youth between 14 and 19 years of age

• Vacancy for a Youth Commissioner to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission for a 2-year term

The next Town Council meeting will be April 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Women’s Club.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blog #7 - Town Siren Malfunction

Dear Town Residents:

The Town has discovered the reason for the siren sounding (malfunction) yesterday evening at about 8:45 PM.

The technician examined the siren system today. He discovered a considerable amount of condensation (large drops of water within the box and on the electronics) on the computer boards and relays that he is rather certain caused the siren to activate. He will be returning to weather proof the two boxes containing these electrical components.

The Town will also be working to provide more timely information on our Home Page in the future.