Monday, January 30, 2006

Strategic Planning an ongoing project

At Saturday morning's Strategic Planning Workshop, the Town Council discussed ways of moving forward with long-term goal-setting, including the issue of economic sustainability. The Council decided that the process of strategic planning could benefit from more time dedicated to this endeavor, separate from regular Town Council meetings, and decided to hold Strategic Planning Workshops on one Saturday morning of each month (generally the 3rd Saturday of the month). The next meeting will be on Saturday, February 18th.* All of the meetings are open to the public, and individuals are welcome to provide input at the meetings. The Council directed me to look into engaging a facilitator for this process. I am looking for a facilitator, someone who does not have a stake in the process or the Town, to facilitate the process of strategic planning and goal-setting, preferably someone who could offer non-profit or government rates to the Town for their services. If anyone has any suggestions, please call me at 458-2345.

*Note date change.