Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blog #18 - Town Council Actions - July 2nd Meeting

The Town Council met on July 2nd for its regular meeting and took the following actions:

1. The meeting started at 7 PM and the entire audience at the Council Meeting was invited to participate in the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. It was a great ceremony and a wonderful reminder of how fortunate we are to live in a country that allows for freedoms and a democratic form of government.

2. The Council Appointed Matthew Jaspering to the Fairfax Youth Commission. Matthew is a junior at Sir Francis Drake High Schoool and is a welcomed addition to the Youth Commission.

3. The Council passed a resolution creating an Affordable Housing Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Council on matters relating to affordable housing and provide professional expertise in the complex area of affordable housing. If you are interested in applying please see the town's webpage for more information or drop by Town Hall for an application.

4. A Resolution promoting voluntary water conservation was approved by the Council. A key point of the resolution encourages business owners to only serve water to patrons when requested. The Resolution also encourages residents to conserve water. According to Marin Municipal Water Conservation District Water Conservation Manager Mr. Carney the three most wasteful water appliances in our homes are toilets, washing machines and our irrgation systems. Low flow toilets are easy to find and front loading washing machines use less than half the water of conventional washing machines.

5. The Town has hired Wulff, Hansen and Company to assit the Town in refinancing the 2000 Measure K Bonds. The reason for this decision is that when the bonds were issued in 2000 they were issued at an interest rate that is about 3% higher than the current rates. The Council be asked to make a decision about what to do with the savings estimated to be between $150K-$200K. There are basically three options for the Council. One is to refind the entire amount to taxpayers. The other is to refund part of the money to taxpayers and put the remaining monies back into Measure K projects. The other option is to put all the savings into more Measure K projects.

6. The Clean Renewable Energy Bonds were approved in the amount of $249,000. The bonds will be used for the installation of solar panels on the Pavalion which will power the Pavalion, Town Hall, the Youth Center, Police Station and the Fire Station. The Town is anxious to get the solar panels installed so we can walk the talk of a sustainable Town and reduce our energy bills.