Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog #17 - Capital Project Updates

There will be a lot of activity this summer in Fairfax related to the continuing flood recovery projects (FEMA) and Measure K funded projects. See below for details of already scheduled projects and projects coming soon.

Center Boulevard - This project is substantially complete. However, the existing driveways have created some difficulties for turning vehicles. As a result, the driveways will be widened about one foot on each side and the radii of the curbs will be increased to make it easier to turn in and out. In order to do this, we need to move some irrigation lines and slightly reduce the amount of new landscaping. The final design will still have a traffic calming effect and will facilitate better flow in and out of the driveways.

Pastori Storm Drain Replacement – Bay Pacific Pipelines, Inc. will be replacing the existing 24 inch storm drain pipe under Pastori Avenue with a 48 inch pipe. The project will begin at the south end near the creek on June 23, 2008 and will work towards Sir Francis Drake. Work should be completed by September 30, 2008. Traffic delays should be expected in the area. Some properties in the area will experience periods of water and sewer shut downs, however, affected owners will be notified in advance.

Creek Road Bridge Bank Stabilization – Team Ghilotti has been awarded the contract to install new materials to stabilize the creek bank under Creek Road Bridge. The project will be completed between July 15 and October 15, 2008. Once the work is completed, Creek Road Bridge will once again be open to traffic.

Other projects coming this summer:

300 Olema - Creek Restoration Project
2008 Street Resurfacing (Mono, Inyo, Main, Hillside, and Spring)
San Rafael Bicycle Corridor Study
Parkade Circulation Study