Saturday, March 10, 2007

Press Release - Emergency Warning Siren

Over the past year, as part of a Disaster Awareness Program, the Fairfax Town Council has discussed and approved the installation of three emergency warning sirens that will be installed throughout the town. The first of these sirens was installed Friday morning in the Fairfax Corporation Yard.

The purchase and installation of the Fairfax emergency warning sirens is being made possible through a $50,000 grant from Supervisor Hal Brown, the Town of Fairfax Measure F, and a generous donation from PG&E, who donated the utility pole and installation of the pole.

The emergency warning siren is a Federal Signal Corporation Eclipse8 siren, which sits atop a 70-foot pole. With 360° omni-directional coverage, it is expected to reach one mile in all directions.

The siren is expected to be operational within the next several weeks. When it is operational, information regarding when testing will occur, etc. In the event of actual emergency, residents are asked to tune into local radio and television stations for information (i.e. KCBS 740, KGO 810, or KTVU Channel 2).

“The siren will serve as an emergency warning system that can alert residents in times of major disaster such as fire or flood,” said Town Manager Linda Kelly. “We are thrilled to be able to provide this proactive means of disaster warning, although ideally, we hope we never have to use it.”

After the installation and testing of the siren is completed, the location of the other two sirens will be determined.