Friday, March 16, 2007

Fairfax lobbies for NTPP funds

You may be aware that Marin was one of four communities selected in 2006 to receive $25 million in federal funding to demonstrate how investments in walking and biking could increase the number of people that walk and bike. This funding offers a unique opportunity for Marin County to make significant improvements to make it easier and safer to walk and bike in Marin. Marin County is one of four communities nationally that has been selected by Congress to participate in this Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP). The purpose of the pilot program is to demonstrate “the extent to which bicycling and walking can carry a significant part of the transportation load, and represent a major portion of the transportation solution, within selected communities."

Fairfax recently learned that the NTPP committee did not recommend any projects for Fairfax, and only one for County Supervisor Hal Brown's entire District. On Thursday, Mayor Larry Bragman and I met with Supervisor Brown and representatives from San Anselmo to request his assistance in securing a more equitable funding allocation for the Ross Valley, where many of our residents walk and bike and would do more of it if we could improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and circulation.

Take a look at our project listing, and let me know what
you would like to see funded. We are trying to get at least a modest amount of the $25 million to help bicyclists and pedestrians here in Fairfax.