Friday, March 09, 2007

News from the Fairfax Volunteers

>> Native Garden Maintenance this Sunday from 10:00 to 3:00 pm

Have you noticed the Native Plant Garden that was planted last year near the ball field (at the top of the steps)? The Native Plant Garden project was spearheaded by Karen Ecklund, a local volunteer. The garden was designed to attract and feed native birds as well as provide a pleasant spot to rest. Join Karen this Sunday, March 11th from 10–3 pm at the ball field to learn more about the plants and help her do a little annual maintenance.

>> Free Admission to the Brewfest!

Volunteers are needed to help staff the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce’s 12th Annual Fairfax Brewfest on Saturday, March 17th. The event takes place at the Fairfax Pavilion from 1-5 pm. Specific help is needed with bike parking, decorating, taking tickets, and security. Slots are available from 10 am (set up) to 6 pm (clean up). Any volunteer who works a two-hour shift gets free admission (a $25 value!).

If you’d like to help, contact Ingrid Weiss or Chris Lang of the Chamber at 453-5928 or send email to

>> Trail Clearing - Earth Day, Sunday April 22, 2007

During last year's Earth Day, Fairfax Volunteers sponsored a workday where community members helped to clear several of Fairfax's pedestrian trails. These trails make it easier to access downtown, open space, or for just getting around, especially in an emergency.
We are currently looking for trails to focus on during this year’s cleanup. A map showing most of these Rights-of-way, and their current condition, is available on our website :

Click on the link for your area to check out a map, and think about which trails would be useful to you in your neighborhood. Let us know your ideas, or if you would be interested in working with your neighbors to improve a particular one.

>> Benches Available for your Neighborhood!

As part of our Fairfax Trail Access program, Fairfax Lumber has offered special pricing to the Fairfax Volunteers so that we may purchase benches at a reduced rate. We envision placing these benches at the uphill end of various trails that run between streets. The benches will provide a place to rest, and can serve as a marker to indicate trailheads. Help us determine the placement of these benches by submitting possible locations!

>> Celebrate The Kim Family!

You may have heard that the Kim family has sold the 7-11 at the corner of Bolinas and Park Road. Over the last 18 years they have been an important fixture in our community, giving out freebies, providing credit to those in need, and even small “gifts” to those whose needs were greater. They always greeted their customers with a smile, remembering their names, and taking an interest in their lives. The Kims are well loved in our town and were the Grand Marshals in last year’s Fairfax parade. Several events are in the works to show appreciation for the community minded Kims.

Faces of Fairfax Project - Melanie Peratis of the Fairfax Volunteers is making a framed “Faces of Fairfax” collage with photos of the Kim’s customers. A 3x5 or 4x6 shoulder/head or full body shot is fine. Please drop these off at Melanie’s at 25 Park Road, or drop it off with Patty at Sherman’s General Store on Bolinas.

Thank You Party - Rose Taber of Rainbow Fabrics is planning a big party for the Kims with help from Town Council member Susan Brandborg to take place at the Women’s Club sometime in April. If you are interested in helping, you can call Rose at 453-1851 (home) or 459-5100 (Rainbow). The date will be announced on the Fairfax Volunteers website:

Farewell Cards - Rose is also organizing the making of farewell cards for the Kims. You can drop by and make one or pick up materials to make at home and bring it back. Rose will present them to the Kims at the 7-11 on their last day. This is a surprise so don’t tell the Kims!

If you like these projects, why not start some of your own? We can put you in contact with others sharing your interests in your neighborhood, and supply a host of different things you might need. All in the name of making Fairfax an even better place to live!


John Reed and The Fairfax Volunteers

The Fairfax Volunteers Program Advisory Board is: John Reed, Scott Valentino, Holly Dines, Michael Branton, Silke Vom Bauer, Melanie Peratis, & Anya Schandler. For more information about what The Fairfax Volunteers do, visit us online at