Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Council action last night

At last night's adjourned/special Council meeting, the big item on the agenda was the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard issue across from the 2300 block. Unfortunately, the design of the new sidewalk came at a cost higher than we had grant funding for so we had to move the crosswalk closer to the roadway (since we could not afford the design that would have placed the sidewalk further south and closer to the creek), and this resulted in the roadway being narrowed there. You may have noticed it. The Council last night approved a design to maintain bike lanes in both directions on SFD there, while relocating street parking for the residents in a location further west on SFD, closer to the bus stop. There will be a zone designated in front of the five homes in the 2300 block for loading/unloading and the temporary stopping of service vehicles. This was a difficult issue since we did not have ideal options and wanted to maintain as much vehicular and bicycle safety while minimizing the impact on the residents who live there.