Monday, October 02, 2006

Recreation Programming in Fairfax!

In February 2006 the Town of Fairfax signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of San Anselmo Recreation Department for their assistance/expertise and resources to help develop and expand recreation programming for our community in Fairfax facilities (Pavilion, Youth Center, and Women’s Club) and parks. Working in collaboration with the Fairfax Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC), the two towns are partnering to build and enhance recreation programming in Fairfax. For current programs available, check out the current Recreation Guide mailed to all Fairfax residents three times a year or go to the following web site: Extra copies of the Recreation Guide are also available in the Town Hall lobby at 142 Bolinas Drive, the temporary Town Hall modular building at 14 Park Road, the Youth Center and Volunteer Office at 16 Park Road, and the Fairfax Library at 2097 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

Additionally, the Fairfax PARC is looking for input from the Fairfax community on the types of recreation programs you and your family would like to see offered in Fairfax. Please contact Maria Baird, Fairfax Community Resources Coordinator at 456-5652 or email her at with your ideas/suggestions. The towns are currently working on both Winter and Summer programming so we would like your feedback by October 20th. We are also interested in hearing from any potential instructors on their ideas for programs they would like to teach in Fairfax.