Saturday, September 30, 2006

Artist in Residence cup making project, Sunday, Oct. 1st

Message from Yvonne Roberts, Vice Chair of Parks and Recreation Commission - Please visit the artist's loft studio in the Pavilion tomorrow (10/1/06) for a FREE cup/mug workshop with our Artist in Residence, Shoshana Parry. She's there all day between 10am-3pm and gives gentle instruction to us not so artistic types. This weekend is for grown ups, she'll hold other times for kids. The plan is that you make a cup - pinch pot style, rolled, coiled, whatever you like, but it's for someone else in Fairfax. After the clay dries, we can go back and glaze our creations or bequeath them to Shoshana to do for us, then she fires and we have masterpieces galore. Next spring, all of us who created a cup will get one, that someone else made, to keep!