Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog #22- Council to meet on Budget, Measure F Extension

The Town Council will hold its regular Town Council meeting on July 1, 2009 beginning at 7:30 PM at the Women’s Club on Park Road to consider adoption of the proposed 2009/2010 Town Budget and to discuss extending Measure F another five years.

This is a very important meeting and the Council encourages all residents to attend. The budget portion of the meeting will entail an overview of the current economic climate and the possible actions of the State regarding the possible theft of seven percent of the Town’s revenue through the theft of gas tax revenues. This equates to about $212,000 each year. This money will not be repaid by the State. Public comment will then be invited on the proposed budget.

The Council will also consider and adopt placing on the ballot for voter approval the extension of Measure F which expires on June 30, 2010. Measure F represents $465,000 per year to the Town’s $6.7 million general fund budget. The ballot language will be asking for an extension at the same rate of $125 per dwelling unit and business occupancy per year for another five years. This is an extension of an existing property tax. The Town is not asking for any new or additional tax.

The Council encourages the public to comment on the decision to extend Measure F.

Other items for the July 1st Agenda:

  • Adopt a Resolution authorizing the Town Attorney to cooperate with the League of California Cities as well as cities and counties in litigation challenging the constitutionality of any seizure by State government of HUTA funds (Gas Tax Funds)
  • Consider Appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of a request for a setback variance, a height variance, encroachment permit and a second unit use permit in order to construct a second unit underneath an existing three story, single-family residence and to construct parking for the second unit at 177 Frustuck Avenue
  • Adopt a Resolution setting new fees for services as a result of the Master Fee Study including business license fees
  • Second Reading and adoption of Ordinance 743 repealing and replacing Town Code Chapter 8.36 regulating the removal of trees
  • Consider endorsing a pilot low income elderly and disabled cable discount
  • Discussion and Approval of Redemption of Tax Delinquent Properties with Open Space Fund