Thursday, July 02, 2009

Blog #23 Council Adopts Town Budget, Approves Ballot Language for extending Measure F

At the July 1, 2009 regular Town Council Meeting the following actions were taken:

The Town Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2009/10 budget. The following appropriations were approved: Operating budget: $6,939,900; Capital Budget $2,132,008; Retirement, Unrestricted Reserve, and other special non-general fund programs $3,091,661. The Council approved a budget with no cost-of-living adjustments for staff and a 4% reduction in operating costs in general fund budget units and borrowing $306,591 from the Town’s unrestricted reserves also known as the “Dry Period Fund”. The Town received 2% less in property tax revenues in 2008/09 than the previous year and is anticipating no additional revenues for 2009/10 due to reassessments of many homes in Fairfax and fewer homes turning over. The Town received about 20% less revenues in building and planning permit fees in 2008/09 from the previous year and we are expecting 2009/10 to be another down year in planning and building permit revenues. Another reason for the reduction in expenditures is the Town is anticipating the State will take about $268,000 from Fairfax to balance the State budget.

The Council adopted the ballot language for placing the extension of Measure F on the November 3, 2009 ballot for voter approval. The current Measure F expires on June 30, 2010. Measure F represents $465,000 per year to the Town’s $6.9 million general fund budget. The ballot language will be asking for an extension at the same rate of $125 per dwelling unit and business occupancy per year for another five years. This is an extension of an existing property tax. The Town is not asking for any new or additional tax. The ballot language is:

Renewal of a Special Municipal Services Tax:

Shall an ordinance be adopted approving the renewal of a special Fairfax municipal services tax of $125 per year for each business occupancy and dwelling unit, for a period of five years, to be used exclusively to:
· Maintain 24-hour, 7 days per week staffing of Police and Fire Services
· Perform Public Works safety improvements
· Meet Matching Funds requirements needed to receive state and federal public works grants
· Revitalize Youth Programs
and continue the citizens’ oversight committee that monitors the use of the revenues from this tax?
Yes_______ No______

Adopted a Resolution authorizing the Town Attorney to cooperate with the League of California Cities as well as cities and counties in litigation challenging the constitutionality of any seizure by State government of HUTA funds (Gas Tax Funds)

Denied appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of a request for a setback variance, a height variance, encroachment permit and a second unit use permit in order to construct a second unit underneath an existing three story, single-family residence and to construct parking for the second unit at 177 Frustuck Avenue

Adopted Ordinance 743 repealing and replacing Town Code Chapter 8.36 regulating the removal of trees

Approved Redemption of Tax Delinquent Properties with Open Space Fund

Approved a licensing agreement with the Ritter Center for placing Art Houses in Fairfax