Friday, April 01, 2011

Blog #10 - Fairfax Documentary Film Festival Starts Tonight

The 12th Annual Fairfax Documentary Film Festival Begins Tonight at 7:30 PM and runs through Sunday at the Fairfax Theater. Listed below are the listings of films. The qulaity of films is quite high with many talented film makers living right here in Fairfax.

“Fairfax Scenes” 48 Views of our Town from 1890 to the 1950s

Guests of Space
Alba Roca’s documentary explores the encounter between the Nukak Maku people and the white man in 1988. Known as the last nomads contacted in South America, this film observes the collision of two alien worlds where settlers, missionaries, armed groups and Colombia ’s drug war unexpectedly meet and confront.

Old People Driving
Shaleece Haas’ documentary chronicles the adventures of Milton (age 96) and Herbert (age 99) as they confront the end of their driving years. Through them we observe that heartbreaking moment when the generation that came of age during America’s love affair with the automobile has to put the keys in the drawer.

Someplace With a Mountain
Pacific islanders, the “Lapita Navigators,” living far from “civilization,” learn that their world on a small atoll is fast disappearing because of climate change. Filmmaker Steve Goodall chanced across them on his travels and alerted them that their days on their island were numbered. They asked for his help. He provided it. "Fairfax Doc Fest Challenge 2011" a preview of the entries to this year's competition.

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Lesson Plan: The Story of the Third Wave
Spring, 1967: Disillusionment, anger and confusion bubble to the surface of the nation’s psyche, American youth are on the precipice of a social revolution and for a few tumultuous days, a young history teacher at Cubberly High in Palo Alto, attempts a startling social experiment that will inspire comment and analysis to this day. To explain the appeal of fascism in Nazi Germany, teacher Ron Jones created a classroom setting wherein students subjugated personal freedom to the good of the community, under a charismatic leader followed almost without question. Replete with salutes and Gestapo-like informants, the so-called Third Wave soon attracted scores of students throughout Cubberly and neighboring schools, spiraling out of Jones’ control. This moving reunion and recounting by Jones, school administrators, former students and Dr. Philip Zambardo (Stanford Prison Experiment) enthralls with the force of inescapable conclusions. Director Philip Neel was a member of the original Third Wave class. Q&A with the filmmaker and subject Ron Jones "Fairfax Doc Fest Challenge 2011" a preview of the entries to this year's competition.

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SUNDAY APRIL 3RD 1st showing 2pm, 2nd showing 6pm with judging and awards "SCREENING AND RESULTS OF THE FAIRFAX DOC FEST CHALLENGE 2011" a competition featuring short documentaries submitted by local filmmakers of all ages. The Challenge is a favorite event of the Film Festival and is fun for those who participated in making films and for viewers who get to see some remarkable local talent. Tickets are available at the Theater or on-line through STARTING TIMES VARY-PLEASE CHECK SCHEDULE Features: Open to All Website: Phone: (415) 460-9760 Price: $10.00
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