Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog #24 - Town Council Approves Dark Green Option

The Town Council unanimously chose the “Dark Green” option with the Marin Clean Energy (MCE) program. The “Dark Green” option uses 100% renewable energy. The other option with MCE was a “Light Green” option which uses about 50% renewable energy. The Town’s solar panels on the Pavilion are powering most of the Town’s energy needs thus the “dark green” option will essentially be cost neutral for the Town.

Other actions taken at the April 7, 2010 Regular Town Council Meeting:

• Re-appointed Vicki Burns to the Parks and Recreation Commission and re-appointed Anya Schandler to the Volunteer Board.

• Adopted a Resolution re-naming Central Field “Contratti Field” in honor of Town employee Rudy Contratti for his dedication to the maintenance of the field.

• Adopted a Resolution opposing Proposition 16: The California Constitutional Amendment Ballot Initiative entitled: New Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers.

• Reviewed and discussed the East-West Bikeway Plan and will discuss and consider it again at the May 5th Council meeting.

• Adopted a Resolution authorizing budget adjustments for the current fiscal year 2009-10 budget.

• Discussed and considered amendments to the Second Unit Amnesty Ordinance. After some discussion directed staff to return at the May 5th Council meeting with amendments to the Ordinance that would relax the requirement of installing sprinklers in second units.

• Discussed at some length the “smart meter” technology being installed in many communities by PG&E. Due to some possible inaccuracies in the smart meter related to billing customers and possible negative health effects the Council directed the Mayor to write a letter and directed staff to draft an Ordinance to opt out of having smart meters installed in Fairfax.

• Adopted a Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign an MOU with the Marin Energy Authority related to a Guaranty for $100,000 and related instruments in connection with a working capital loan in exchange for annual payments of $7,368 for a period not to exceed 16 months.

The next Town Council meeting will be May 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM in the Women's Club.