Friday, April 02, 2010

Blog #22 - Sewer Pipe Grants Available

Sewer Pipe Grant Program

The Ross Valley Sanitary District has funds available to help customers fix their sewer pipes. The district’s lateral grant program provides funds for RVSD property owners to repair their damaged sewer pipes.

The Lateral Grant Program is designed to help prevent sanitary sewer overflows, which are caused in part by damaged sewer pipes (known as lateral pipes) on private property. These bad pipes threaten property and public healthy and leaks can cause significant environmental damage as well.

For many people, the need for repairs is obvious, due to chronic problems like backups and overflows that require ongoing professional plumbing maintenance. For others, the signs of leakage and damage may be less evident. If you experience slow-running pipes that cause minor backups in showers and sinks, have noticed odors, or have seen ground movement around your lateral pipe, you should visit the Ross Valley Sanitary District website at, for instructions on dealing with the problem.