Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog #56- Update on the PCE Issue at Fair-Anselm Plaza

I promised in Blog #42 on October 14th, 2009 that I would post another blog as new information becomes available regarding the PCE matter at the Fair Anselm Plaza. I finally have received more information to share with you and apologize that it has taken so long to make progress on this issue:

Yesterday I spoke at length to Brett Moxley, of the Federal EPA, regarding the PCE issue at Broadway Video. EPA and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) met yesterday to discuss who will be the lead agency in the cleanup. It was agreed that due to the scope and size of this event being small DTSC will take the lead. I have been assured from Mr. Moxley that DTSC will have all the testing completed in two weeks and will have a cleanup plan in place within three to four weeks. Mr. Moxley will also be making sure that DTSC is working at a reasonable pace. The entire building will be tested using the summa canister method and results of the new round of testing by DTSC will be compared with previous tests.

I have been assured from Mr. Moxley that the levels of PCE present DO NOT pose any health risks to patrons of the Fair Anselm Plaza. This was also reiterated to me by DTSC and by the Industrial Hygienist, Paul Spillane who took the initial samples.

The Town is working very hard to make sure this cleanup is done as expeditiously as possible and will be in constant contact with DTSC and the EPA. Thank you for your patience.