Friday, April 03, 2009

Blog #13 - New Recycling Carts to be Delivered to Fairfax Residents and Businesses

Marin Sanitary will begin delivery of the new recycling cart in the Town on Monday, April 6th. They are currently set to deliver carts to customers according to the following schedule:

Monday, April 6th, All residents with Monday or Friday pickup,
Tuesday, April 7th, All residents with Tuesday pickup,
Wednesday, April 8th, All residents with Wednesday pickup,
Thursday, April 9th, All residents and businesses with Thursday pickup.

Delivery will commence at 7:00 AM and should take around 8 hours each day. Marin Sanitary hired a
professional delivery company that does nothing but deliver carts so I am anticipating a smooth operation.

An informational flyer on how to use the recycling carts will be posted to each cart. If you have any questions or need any information please call Marin Sanitary at 415-456-2601.