Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blog #8 Council Actions from the March 4, 2009 Town Council Meeting

· Heard a progress report from Larry Kennings, Acting Planning and Building Services Director regarding the General Plan Update process and the site specific planning process

· Adopted Resolution No. 09-18 granting a driveway variance for a project located at 15 Acacia Road and adopted the required findings for this variance.
· Proclaimed March as Fair Housing Month

· Adopted Resolution No. 09-19 approving changes to the current parking bail schedule to recover increased State fees under SB 1407

· Adopted Resolution No. 09-21 supporting the Federal Economic Stimulus project of repaving Sir Francis Drake from June Court to the western Town Limits

· Council was presented the mid-year budget review. All in all, considering the state of the state and national economies, the Town is holding its own. Revenues are what were projected back in July and in some cases higher than projected (1.5% higher than projected property tax revenues) and there have been very few foreclosures in Fairfax and very few delinquent payments on property taxes. Planning and building permit fees are down 20% due to the slowdown in remodeling and home improvements. Projections for next year show a much slower rate of growth for property tax and sales tax revenues which will require the Town slow down its spending compared to previous years. The Council accepted the mid-year budget report.

· Adopted Resolution No. 09-08 adopting guidelines for the placement of surface mounted utility facilities in the public right-of-way (AT&T Boxes)

· Adopted Resolution No. 09-20 vesting the authority to appoint, remove or demote department heads in the Town Manager with the exception of the Police Chief which will still require Town Council ratification.

The next scheduled Town Council Meeting will be April 1, 2009.