Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog #11 - Economic Summit Meeting a Success

The Town Council Meeting on Saturday, April 26th dubbed the "Economic Summit" was a success. There were over 30 residents and merchants in attendance. The meeting began with Pamela Gibson, a consultant specializing in small town businesses giving her presentation on how to sustain businesses in Fairfax. The focus for Fairfax will be on "business gardening" (growing your own) which involves nurturing and growing the business we already have. It also includes a business mentoring program and connecting businesses to the Small Business Administration.

After Pamela Gibson gave her presentation the Town Council and then the public made comments. Chamber of Commerce President, Chris Lang and Executive Director Ingrid Weiss as well as Chamber Board Members Morgan Hall, Mark Squire, Richard Pedemonte, Anakala Carmassi, and Matthew Edwards all addressed the Council on ideas to improve the business climate. There was considerable discussion about building on the Town's growing organic-oriented economy.

Overall the meeting was very upbeat and there was a consensus from the merchants and the Town that a stronger partnership between the business community, the Chamber of Commerce and the Town will be forthcoming. There was also consensus that the idea of a redevelopment agency (RDA) is something that could be a great benefit to Fairfax. An RDA allows a Town to offer low interest loans to businesses and to provide businesses with many other services such as business counseling, how to start a business class, etc.

The next regular Town Council meeting will be May 7, 2008. The agenda for this meeting will be posted on the Town's website on Friday, May 2, 2008.