Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog #10 Town Council Meeting Summary (April 2, 2008 Meeting)

The Town Council met on April 2nd and took the following actions:

Appointed Morgan Hall to the Design Review Board

Appointed Vicki Burns to the Park and Recreation Commission

Proclaimed April 13-19 National Library Week for the Town of Fairfax

Approved the expenditure of $8,333 from the Dry Period Fund for the Town's share of the Shared Dispatch Services Study Consultant Contract. This involves a thorough study of both San Anselmo and Fairfax 911 dispatch operations. The goal will be to see if there is any cost savings by combining the two 911 dispatch centers into one. The consultant will perform a very in depth analysis of both operations and interview staff from both Towns and Council Members.

Approved a Consultant Services Agreement with Pamela Gibson to create an Economic Sustainability Program for the Town in an amount not to exceed $3000

Approved a letter to Dr. Wall requesting further discussion of a possible greenbelt around the Town of Fairfax

Adopted the Proposition 1B Project List and amended the Town Budget to accept $400K in Proposition 1B monies

Accepted a 100 foot by 20 foot portion of Scenic Road as Town maintained for the purpose of receiving reimbursement from FEMA for the Upper Scenic Slope Stabilization Project

Adopted Resolution 2528 setting policy for Town assistance towards cooperative efforts in pavement improvement projects. If you are interested in the details of this program please contact the Public Works Department at 453-0291 or by email at

Special Announcement

The Town Council will be holding a special Town Council Meeting: Economic Summit: July 26, 2008 at the Women's Club. The Council will be discussing economic sustainability and award winning consultant Pamela Gibson will be offering her advice on how to improve economic sustainability in the Town. This Special Meeting will start at 9 AM.