Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Storm Watch

Happy New Year...and we are now facing a heavy storm. The latest weather forecast is that we are due for three storms within the next five days. County Office of Emergency Services informed us of these storms on a conference call today – here is what is expected, given the latest information:

- First storm - Thursday night – high wind watch to 45 mph, 1 inch of rain

- Second storm – Friday Noon – up to 65 mph winds, 3 inches of rain, flash flood and small stream advisory. Tides could rise on Friday. The County OES may put out a telephone automated notification in the Ross Valley on Friday if there is a flood watch.

- Third storm – Sunday night – 1 inch of rain

Total possible 4-6 inches of rain, with 8-10 inches possible in high threat areas.

As far as what we are doing at the Town,

- We have sand and sandbags at the parking lot below the Pavilion, free for anyone who needs them.

- We will have temporary flood gates ready for installation at Town Hall tomorrow (the permanent ones have been custom ordered and they are not here yet). We can put up the flood gates Friday at the end of the day if needed.

- Staff will be on call at night and through the weekend. Public Works staff has been keeping the storm drains clear.

Good news - our new creek level warning gauge is active and live!
The link for Fairfax is: and the link for San Anselmo is: . The gauge will send out an automatic notice to Ross Valley Fire and designated Town staff if the creek rises to threatening levels.

We can also activate our downtown warning siren if flooding is imminent.

I am also making contact with our volunteers to enlist their assistance if needed.