Monday, November 26, 2007

New Wintertime Spare the Air public notification program

The Town of Fairfax has begun to notify residents of unhealthy air quality nights and to advise them not to build fires in their fireplaces and to drive as little as possible on these nights especially. This effort is in support of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s (BAAQMD) “Spare the Air Tonight” program and is mandated by the passage of Fairfax Ordinance No. 720 (2007) which in part provides, “The Town shall endeavor to provide public notification requesting that residents curtail the burning of wood during poor air quality episodes as determined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District…” “Spare the Air” banners have been produced that will be posted at the entrance to Fairfax on Sir Francis Drake and at Bolinas Park on the days designated by BAAQMD from November through February. The Town of Fairfax and BAAQMD ask residents to refrain from burning wood in their fireplaces and to drive less for 24 hours from the declaration of a “Spare the Air” night. To add your name to the BAAQMD email notification list for the Spare the Air Tonight alerts to help reduce winter air pollution, you may sign up at by clicking on the “E-Mail Sign-up” section of their home page.