Thursday, November 29, 2007


It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I have accepted the position of City Manager of Sonoma. I will be leaving the Town of Fairfax in mid-January. I have appreciated and been honored by the strong support of the Fairfax Town Council and the able assistance of an excellent staff, each and every one giving 110% to continue to deliver community services on a very limited budget. I have been inspired, encouraged, and have learned a great deal from our elected officials and residents. I’ve been challenged and enlightened by different viewpoints that have enlarged my perspective and that have enriched me personally as a human being. It’s been a privilege to see visions shared, people coming together - young and old, long-time residents and newcomers - all treasuring and caring about the unique community that makes being in Fairfax a rich experience.

Over the last two years the Council and staff have endured a very trying time with the flood recovery; our administrative and planning staff worked out of a portable trailer for 18 months. I’ve appreciated the Council, volunteers, and staff pulling together and succeeding in serving our residents despite these obstacles. There were many lessons learned through the disaster that have now become a part of the community’s collective consciousness.

Thanks to Senator Migden’s efforts with the SB418 ERAF funding, I am finally able to propose to the Council next week the hiring of a part-time employee to take over the FEMA paperwork and disaster mitigation process, which the Public Works Director and I have been handling. It is essential for the Town to continue tracking that process so that every dime owed to the Town is secured.

I am very proud of what our Council has been able to accomplish over the past two years. It was my privilege to support them through a strategic planning process - we opened dialogue on a number of critical issues, and the Council is working effectively together in leading this community. I think the Town is strongly poised to study its options even further as we move into the future.