Thursday, October 04, 2007

Council Actions from Oct. 3rd Meeting

The Town Council took the following actions at its meeting last night, Oct. 3rd:

Approved of plans and specifications and authorization to advertise for bids for Pastori Avenue Measure K project. This is a grind and overlay of Pastori Avenue, which includes asphaltic concrete grinding, furnishing and installing of 2” of asphaltic concrete overlay, and pavement markings. The work will be performed in conjunction with the Center Boulevard Redesign Project in order to coordinate the work and obtain the best pricing.

Awarded bid to responsible lowest bidder, Republic ITS, for flashing pedestrian crossing project on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at Oak Tree Lane. The project will connect the new Manor Circle pedestrian and bicycle bridge with a safe route to cross Sir Francis Drake, improving access to the bus stop at Oak Tree Lane and to and from Manor Elementary School. The majority of funding for the project is being provided by a Hazard Elimination Safety grant.

Received the monthly storm damage recovery update on Town FEMA projects, including the six creek-related projects: Peri Park Pedestrian Bridge; Creek Road Bridge; Glen Drive Culvert; Cascade Drive Culvert; Pastori Storm Drain Outfall and Peri Park Tennis Courts. On Creek Road Bridge, we have the following to announce. The project has been delayed for 18 months while the Town awaited permits from the multiple environmental agencies that safeguard the creek for steelhead, coho salmon and the red legged frog. Those permits were only recently granted six weeks ago. We have filed appeals on the scope of work and we have enlisted the support of our State and Federal elected officials in hopes of moving this project forward. Currently, the project is stalled since the scope of work approved by FEMA still does not match the estimate of what our engineers and the environmental permitting agencies have informed us is required. As such, FEMA’s estimate is a few hundred thousand dollars short of the actual funding needed to repair the bridge to its pre-disaster state. Once all of the remaining issues between the Town, OES and FEMA are resolved, the earliest the Town could work on repairs to the bridge is July 15, 2008 due to environmental permitting requirements. The state of disrepair of Creek Road Bridge is not a situation the Town of Fairfax wants to see continue, and we are working to expedite the approval process in order to move forward with the repair as quickly as possible.

Adopted Resolution No. 2515 increasing the authorization of the Town Manager to award contracts up to $435,000 for the Emergency Watershed Project at 82 and 88 Creek Road. This is a special project being funded by a Federal and State program to mitigate flood damage to creek front properties.

Discussed amending the Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program ordinance, to restrict residential car washing to further prevent polluting runoff into the storm drains, at the request of Council Member Brandborg. Following discussion and public input, Council decided to have Council Member Brandborg and Mayor Larry Bragman work on drafting an ordinance incorporating best practices guidelines for runoff water from car washing, which would encourage practices that do not harm wildlife in the creeks, and to not establish any criminal penalties associated with car washing practices.

Held introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 723 amending Ordinance No. 721 to permit the use of tandem parking for the second unit amnesty period only, at the request of Council Member Brandborg. The intent is to encourage the legalization of second units by allowing for more flexible parking arrangements.

Discussed and considered an ordinance restricting the use of leaf blowers, at the request of Vice Mayor Maggiore. Following discussion, Council requested that the Police Chief provide a report of noise ordinance complaints and recommendations for amending the noise ordinance to revisit and consider hours of operation for power equipment.

Received a report from Joint Fairfax-San Anselmo Shared Services Subcommittee, by Council Members Brandborg and Tremaine. Following discussion, Council directed staff to ascertain from San Anselmo if there was an interest in hiring a consultant to study cost savings with respect to shared police services.

Received an update on 300 Olema Road creek restoration and flood mitigation project. The project is on hold as we negotiate with the property owner and the neighboring property owner over parking space issues.