Friday, April 27, 2007

Fairfax enters Team Bike Challenge

To support the effort to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads, and in the nature of good-spirited competition, the Town of Fairfax is entering a team in ’s “Team Bike Challenge.” The Town’s team consists of our Mayor, Larry Bragman, Finance Director Ian Roth (our Team Captain), Planning and Building Director Ann Welsh, Administrative Assistant Susan Waters, and me. Our collective goal is for each of us to ride our bikes at least once per day for the entire month of May – yes, all 31 days - for an errand we otherwise would do by car. Please cheer us on if you see us pedaling around town!

Participants in the Team Bike Challenge form teams of two to five individuals who then think of a creative name for themselves (ours is Team PSYCHE - Public Servants Yearning to Curb Hazardous Emissions), and log the days they bicycle on a personalized calendar at Each individual team member earns a point every day he or she uses a bike for transportation purposes. Teams around the bay compete with each other for points to win a grand prize of a bike rack to be placed in a public space of choice.

Susan Waters’ bike was old, rusted, and not in any shape for riding…so, at his own expense, Ian Roth went out and bought her a refurbished bike. Now there’s a dedicated Team Captain!!! See the photo of Susan and Ian.

Don't forget - Thursday, May 17th is Bike to Work Day!