Monday, December 18, 2006

The Spot! A Success!

Friday night, December 15th, was the first Teen Night called The Spot, and I heard it totally and completely rocked! About 60 young people checked in and about 10 were outside on the perimeter of the Coffee Roasters, the event's headquarters. The teens were well-behaved, respectful, and full of fun. With weekly help from Vice Mayor Mary Ann Maggiore who leads the Fairfax Town Council Youth and Alcohol Task Force, area teens really took the challenge and ran with it. Drake High School's Leadership Class under teachers Kendall Galli and Peter Parrish did a fabulous organizing job. Students from the class worked to make it all come together. Alex did posters, Kaila and Matt and friends came early; Tim and Emily stayed late for clean-up. The students organized fabulous music. Youth Commission head, Maya Meissner, not only helped organize but also led the musical line-up. Other students planned the great raffle prizes which they announced with merry flair at each musical break. The teens gathered, laughed, chatted, and played cards. Council Member Lew Tremaine and Vice Mayor Mary Ann Maggiore chaperoned the event and were very satisfied with every part of it.

The Chaperones would like to say: "Thank you to Townspeople Wendy Lee and Shoshana Parry and her sister Tina who stopped by to see that we had enough adult support. And to musician Jack who saved the day with the delivery of a great acoustic system. Thank you, too to Ed Wall, head of Coffee Roasters for having everything ready for us and for organizing it with such enthusiasm. Coffee Roasters staff Shelly and Kelly and others were so patient, professional and generous. A special thank you to them, too."

Vice Mayor Maggiore’s favorite moment of the evening was when singer Denali lifted her voice to sing and everyone sat down on the floor and joined her in the chorus. Great kids, a great accomplishment, a great night!

The December 22nd and 29th The Spot! dates are now a definite "go" and we will have more games, music and surprises ahead. The Task Force is also looking for more adult support staff. "Come on down! It's a lot of fun!"

For more information contact either one of the Youth and Alcohol Task Force heads Vice Mayor Mary Ann Maggiore, 460-1106, or Council Member Lew Tremaine, 459-7807.