Friday, December 22, 2006

Press Release - Community Office Hours

Here is a press release I issued today.


December 20, 2006 – Fairfax Town Manager Linda Kelly has announced that to initiate her second year with the Town in January 2007, she will launch the start of office hours in the community. Kelly will hold office hours in rotating locations throughout the Town of Fairfax, one morning per month. “The intent is to go out in the community and be available to meet people in locations convenient to them,” said Kelly. The sessions will start on a trial basis for the first three months of the year as follows:

January – Wednesday, January 10th – 8–11:30 a.m., Coffee Roasters, Bolinas & Broadway

February – Thursday, February 1st – 8–11:30 a.m., BookBeat, 28 Bolinas Avenue

March – Thursday, March 1st – 8-11:30 a.m., Barefoot Café, 1900 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

Kelly added, “In January of this year, I began a blog of town information as a way to reach out to the community through a user-friendly media, as a means of providing another link to Town Hall. For the upcoming year, I want to expand our communication with our residents by making it easier for them to speak with us in person.” During her office hours in the community, Kelly will be located in the local business, with a small sign to denote that she is available to speak with residents. No meeting appointment is necessary and she intends to be available to speak with anyone who wishes to converse on questions regarding Town business or to hear suggestions on improving Town operations. “I see it as a way to further integrate our services with the everyday needs of our residents. I intend to do a lot of listening and learning,” she added.