Monday, November 13, 2006

Update on Public Works Projects

Public Works Director Debra Sue Johnson has provided the following update on our projects:

  • Forrest Avenue Retaining Wall and Bank Stabilization: This project has been completed.
  • Manor Circle Safe Routes to School and SFDB Sidewalk (Marin Rd to Olema): Bauman/McGuire & Hester will begin construction this week on the Manor Circle SR2S project. Construction of the sidewalk from Marin Road east to Olema Road will require changes to the striping on SFDB to allow for a safe construction zone. It will not impact vehicle traffic. This will impact the on-street parking for the few (seven+/-) homes on the north side of SFDB near the San Miguel intersection. It will also require eastbound bike traffic to be detoured at Marin Road to Olema. Signage and striping should be clear to the users.
  • Scenic Road Retaining Wall: Maggiora & Ghilotti will begin construction on this retaining wall on Monday. This will require that Scenic Rd be closed to through traffic near 185 Scenic and traffic to be detoured on Tamalpais during working hours. There may be some confusion during the first few days; however, the drilling rig needs access.
  • Measure K: Beginning the week of the 20th, Scenic and Tamalpais Roads will have pavement section repairs (digouts) completed by McLellan Co. This is the first phase of the next Measure K projects. Due to the severe deterioration of Scenic and Tamalpais we are making these repairs to provide safe travel by bicycles and vehicles over the next few winter months until we bid the overlay project in February. This will also require road closures and detours on Scenic and Tamaplais Roads. Traffic control and signage will be in place before construction. Notices will be mailed to the neighborhood. She is working with our new engineering firm, Ken Hall of CSW/Stuber-Stroeh, on a complete assessment of the remaining Measure K projects for prioritization and scheduling over the next three fiscal years. She will be scheduling a Measure K oversight committee meeting later this month.
  • Glen Drive Culvert: The temporary bank stabilization design is 95% and will be ready for an informal bid soon. This project is being constructed to protect private property (Village West) from further damage and erosion over the winter months while we continue with the permanent design work and regulatory permitting to replace the damaged culvert outfall at SFDB. (FEMA project)
  • Mono Alley (1-21 Bolinas Avenue): The design of the re-routing of the drainage network that currently runs under these downtown businesses is 95% complete. We will be constructing a new drainage line down Mono Alley from Bolinas to Pacheco. We are expecting to be able to issue an informal bid next week.
  • Sandbags: Maria Baird, Community Resources Coordinator, has successfully organized a group of Sir Francis Drake High students to volunteer to fill sandbags for the Town. They will be here on Wednesday morning! Thanks Maria!
  • The new stop sign was installed at Iron Springs Road this past Thursday.