Tuesday, November 07, 2006

San Jose de Apartado, Colombia, Sister City Peace Community

On Saturday night, the Town co-sponsored a reception for Renato Areiza, who is on the Council of San Jose de Apartado, Colombia, and visited Fairfax as part of our sister city outreach. About 65 people were in attendance. Vice Mayor Larry Bragman explained his recent trip there and we viewed a film that showed in vivid detail the resolve of this peace community which refuses to take a side in the civil war between the military forces and the guerrillas. Taking part in this program reminded me of how blessed we are in Marin to live in a peaceful community where people's rights are respected and protected even though we may disagree. The issues we debate seem small in comparison to people who are resolved to live in peace even though they are risking their lives. We are privileged here to be able to debate issues that are at a higher level than the basics of ordinary living that we take for granted. The event made me pause and be thankful for all we have.