Friday, March 17, 2006

Flood Donations to a worthy cause

This afternoon I had the pleasure of accompanying Ralph Jones of Avatar as we delivered the $909 that was collected in the Flood Relief Cans that were placed in businesses throughout town right after the flood. The businesses decided to give all the money to an elderly Fairfax couple who were victims of the flood and had been displaced from their apartment for several weeks. They are now back in their apartment, which has been cleaned and restored, and are trying to put their lives back together and replace everything they lost (which was close to...everything). They are on a very limited income, and were quite overwhelmed at the community's caring and generosity. They told us they plan to use the money to buy a new couch to replace theirs and maybe a vacuum. They said it's all the little things they have to replace that really add up. It was nice to be able to deliver good news to folks who could really use the help.