Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog #10 - Free Compost Delivered to Fairfax

Compost Delivered on March 31, 2012 to Pavilion Parking Lot

On Saturday
, March 31st FREE Compost will be delivered for all residents of Fairfax.

As part of the new Agreement with Marin Sanitary Service approved by the Town Council in December 2011 free compost is to be delivered to the Town three times per year.

It will be delivered to the Pavilion parking lot next to where the sand is stored for storm events. Residents are encouraged to bring a bag or a container for the compost. A shovel should be available at the compost pile and feel free to bring your own. Compost will be there as long as it lasts. Fifteen (15) tons will be delivered. If you can't make it for this delivery of compost there will be two more deliveries to the Town before next spring.