Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blog #5 - Smart Meter Update

The Town Council held a special meeting on February 13th and discussed the recent order by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that requires a one time $75 fee and an ongoing $10/month fee to opt out of the Smart Meter program. There is a second round of hearings scheduled with the CPUC to ocurr in the next five to six weeks to discuss this order and to discuss the possibility of allowing communities to opt out. These Phase 2 hearings could last four to five months.

The Town Council directed the staff to have our pro bono attorney be prepared to file a stay of the order in case it is needed. The Town Council committed to keeping the lines of positive communication open with PG&E and has assurances from PG&E that no smart meters will be installed in Fairfax per the Moratorium Ordinance passed by the Council.

Residents in Fairfax who are on the delay list should have received a letter from PG&E recently asking them to opt out. Twenty-three persons addressed the Council on the Smart Meter issue. The vast majority of those speakers supported the Council's decisions to date on this issue.

Please see the Town's Home Page for much more information about the Smart Meter issue at: