Monday, October 03, 2011

Blog #25 - PCE Cleanup at Fair Anselm

As many residents and business owners may recall there was an investigation into possible PCE contamination at the site that was the Broadway Video store at the Fair Anselm Plaza. The Department of Toxic Substances Control has been involved for more than a year and has finally finished soil gas samples taken from underneath the building. The results of the sampling will be posted tomorrow at the following link:

The results indicate there is PCE in the soil under the building and at high enough levels to warrant an expedited removal action. The cleanup will involve the following process:

DTSC will remove the PCE by installing a sub-slab vapor collection and treatment system in units located at 709 and 711 Center Blvd. This system will extract and treat air from a gravel layer in the sub-slab area that was found to be contaminated with PCE, a common dry cleaning solvent. Gas extracted from the sub-slab area will be passed through three drums of carbon. PCE will be captured on the carbon. The treatment system, including the carbon drums and other equipment will be located inside a fenced area in the southeast portion of the Site's parking lot near the dumpsters. Clean air will be released from an exhaust stack. The entire setup is called a sub-slab vapor collection system. This process will begin in early November 2011.

If you have any questions about the Site or upcoming work please contact DTSC's Project Manager, Milly Pekke, at 510-540-3777.

DTSC believes there is no immediate public health risk. However, the elevated PCE levels below the building pose a problem that should be addressed in the short term, as long-term exposure to the contaminates at the Site at elevated levels may cause negative health impacts