Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Blog #38 - Capital Project Updates

The advent of summer in Fairfax signals the beginning of the construction season for our Measure K and FEMA projects. Listed below are the remaining Measure K and FEMA projects to be completed this summer or next:

Seismic Retrofit of Pavilion: The Town was awarded a federal grant in the amount of $425,000 and matched $125,000 from the Pavilion Restoration Fund to seismically upgrade the Pavilion. This project is currently in architecture, engineering and environmental review. Construction to begin in October of this year.

Fairfax Library pathway project: This is a County project to flatten the pathway for easier access. This is scheduled for completion at the end of next week.

Pedestrian Bridge replacement and Bank Stabilization Projects (FEMA): The pedestrian bridge over the Fairfax Creek that fell down after the 2005/06 floods will be replaced and the creek bank by the tennis courts will be stabilized. These projects will be under construction this Fall.

Pastori Outfall Pipe: Currently under environmental review and will be under construction in the Spring of 2011