Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blog #34 - Council Actions from September 2, 2009 Meeting

At the September 2, 2009 Regular Town Council Meeting the following actions were taken:

1. Appointed David Johansen to the Volunteer Board for a three year term ending September 30, 2012 and appointed Sisi Parry-Hansen to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission for a four year term ending August 31, 2013.

2. Received a presentation from Mimi Newton, Chair of the Fairfax Open Space Committee on the activities of the Open Space Committee over the last year.

3. Proclaimed September 2009 as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

4. Declared a 50 acre parcel on Oak Manor Drive to be a public nuisance and ordered the property owner to abate the nuisance within 60 days. The abatement includes removing livestock, fowl, and a recreational vehicle not allowed under the current zoning of the property.

5. Adopted a resolution supporting extended Producer Responsibility, a policy to hold product manufacturers responsible for the management of solid waste disposal

6. Adopted Ordinance 742 regarding the 50% remodel ordinance

7. Adopted Ordinance 745 establishing an administrative enforcement mechanism for violations of the Town Code

The next regular meeting of the Fairfax Town Council will be October 7, 2009.

Some items scheduled for discussion and consideration on October 7th are: consideration of a solid waste and recycling contract with Marin Sanitary Service; second reading and adoption of an ordinance regarding regulations for parks, playgrounds, public tennis courts and central ball field; and the annual audit report for FY 2007/08.