Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blog #4 Council Action-February 4, 2009 Town Council Meeting

· Mayor David Weinsoff announced vacancies on various Town Committees and Commissions.

· The Council interviewed and appointed Peter Lacques and Peter Ramsay to the Planning Commission for a four year term. The Council also interviewed and appointed Brad Widelock to the Measure F Committee.

· Adopted Resolution 09-02 establishing the “Gadfly Bench” in honor of Stan Schriebman. The bench is located by the Women’s Club front entrance and has a plaque affixed to it that says “Gadfly Bench in Honor of Stan Schriebman”.

· Adopted Resolution 09-13 authorizing temporary closure to certain streets for the Little League Opening Day Parade on March 21, 2009.

· Awarded a construction contract to SPG Solar in an amount not to exceed $228,578 to install solar panels on the Pavilion.

· Council heard an oral report from Larry Kennings, Acting Planning Director regarding the concept of a sit specific plan and possible boundaries for a site specific plan. After some discussion the Council gave direction to staff to pursue funding for the preparation of a site specific plan and related CEQA work through possible foundation and other private grants.

· Council reviewed and approved a conceptual plan for Bolinas Road sidewalk and landscaping improvements from Broadway to Elsie. The Plan will be reviewed by the Design Review Board on February 11th at 7:30 PM in the Women’s Club. It will return to the Town Council for final approval on March 4th.

· Discussed and considered an agreement with the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District to limit spraying in the Town of Fairfax.

· Adopted Ordinance 737 reenacting the Second Unit Amnesty Program for a one year period. The Ordinance has been simplified which hopefully will result in more property owners coming forward to apply for the amnesty.

· Adopted Ordinance 741 between the Town and PERS to change the contract agreement with PERS which will allow for a two tiered retirement system for police officers. New hires will receive 3% at 55 while current officers receive 3% at 50. The change will save the Town about $20,000 per year per employee.

· Heard a report from the Town Manager regarding the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Program and gave direction to the Manager to promote the use of NEVs in Fairfax and provide the public information on where to purchase NEVs and the rules and regulations related to NEVs. A future Town Manager Blog will cover this issue in detail.

· Council agreed to explore holding a spring brush clearing brigade. Fairfax Volunteers will work cooperatively with the Ross Valley Fire Department and the Public Works Department to organize a brush clearing day by the spring.