Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Blog #1 - Update on FEMA Projects

Happy New Year to all! I will re-number my blogs each new year. My goal is to write about 50 blogs per year. I fell a little short of that in 2008. It was quite a busy year. Many of you may be wondering what is going on with the FEMA projects the Town requested more than two and a half years ago. Well, here are some answers:

As you may recall, the Town identified a number of projects to be funded by FEMA after the December 31, 2005 floods. Town staff have been working with FEMA and state officials since the beginning of 2006 to have critical repairs funded. Here is an update of the status of the final outstanding projects:

Creek Road Bridge –The project is complete. The bridge reopened December 1, 2008. The bridge was stabilized with the installation of five 6" pipe piles 55'deep. The cost of this project was $409,000.

Glen Dr CulvertThis project was finally approved by FEMA for $112,000. This project involves replacing part of the pipe and improving the culvert that runs under Sir Francis Drake to Glen Drive. Construction will start after July 15, 2009.

Peri Park Pedestrian Bridge – This project was finally approved for $126,000. We are moving forward on acquiring all necessary environmental permitting. This project involves replacing the bridge that collapsed during the December 31, 2005 flood event. Construction will start after July 15, 2009.

Tennis Courts – This project was finally approved for $427,000. This project involves stabilizing the bank in an environmentally sensitive way so that the Tennis Courts do not slough into the creek. Construction will start after July 15, 2009.

Cascade Dr Culvert – This project is funded for $6,241 to cover only the placement of rip rap. The Town requested $100,000 to cover the culvert replacement, road repaving, environmental permits, and biologic assessment. The Town has appealed the decision to only fund the rip rap.

Pastori Outfall Pipe – This project was finally funded for $55,000. This project involves replacing the existing outfall pipe and installing a new larger pipe to accommodate the new 48 inch storm drain pipe that is being installed on Pastori Ave. Construction on the outfall pipe may begin after July 15, 2009.

The total dollar amount of these 6 projects is: $1,135,241. The five remaining projects will be under construction this summer.

Nearly all of the credit goes to Town staffer Yvonne Roberts, Management Analyst, who has worked tirelessly to get FEMA to fund these projects at the appropriate level. Had she not been very persistent and read the FEMA letters carefully we could have ended up with considerably less money or no project to construct. Thank You Yvonne!