Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog #25 Capital Improvement Projects Update

With all the construction activity going on around the Town I thought it would be helpful to give the residents and businesses an update on the status of the following projects:

Pastori Storm Drain Replacement Project:

Pastori Road between Center Blvd. and Sir Francis Drake will remain with the existing roadway until the storm drain in this section is removed and replaced. This will take longer than we had hoped because there are three different utilities in the way of the new storm drain pipe. The Town and contractor are working with PG&E, AT&T and Comcast to resolve all the conflicts. They have to create engineering plans to relocate their utilities and then schedule their maintenance crews to do the work. It will take at least three more months to complete the entire project.

Please note that the section of Pastori Rd. between Belmont & the Marin Town and Country Club bridge will be re-paved soon. Ghilotti Brothers is starting the curb work today and will work their way from the Post Office towards Pastori. That portion of Pastori will be overlayed in early October.

Center Blvd. Project - Curb and Driveway Work

Ghilotti Brothers started the driveway re-design construction on September 11, 2008. They will take approximately two weeks to remove the challenging curbs, place new forms and pour new concrete. The landscape contractor has also resumed work on finishing the plantings. The construction contract includes a one-year maintenance period on all the landscaping – including replacement of any plants that die. The Public Works Director and the contractor will complete a walk-through to determine any outstanding issues – dead landscaping included – before signing off on the project. The walk-through will be conducted in early October.

Fairfax Creek Reconstruction Project (300 Olema)

The contractor, Maggiora Ghilotti began mobilizing on September 10, 2008 and will begin major construction on Monday, September 15, 2008. The first major piece will include the under grounding of the existing MMWD pipe that currently goes across the creek. Access to 300 Olema will be created from the Robin Hood Manor Apartments. Tenants of 300 Olema will be provided with temporary parking spaces there for the duration of the construction. Demolition of the concrete channel – including removal of the vehicle and pedestrian bridges – is expected to begin on Thursday, September 18. Vehicle and pedestrian access from Olema will not be restored until October 15, 2008. By October 15, 2008 all work in the creek will be complete and construction will continue on the retaining wall, pedestrian hand rails and parking area through November 18, 2008. The site cleanup should be completed by November 20, 2008. To help keep costs down, Friends of Corte Madera Creek will be providing willow and dogwood stakes for placement in the rip rap along the bank.

Overlay Projects

There will be many streets undergoing an overlay this fall. The contractor will start in early October. The list includes the following Town roads:

Street Segment
Measure K

Inyo Avenue: ALL
Mono Avenue: Inyo to Pacheco
Main Court: ALL
Spring Lane: ALL
Hillside Drive: 200' north of Crest to Dead End
Mono Parking Lot: All

Proposition 1B

Cypress Road: Cascade to 760' west of Hickory
Tamalpais Road: Scenic to Dead End
Sir Francis Drake Blvd: Oak Manor to June Ct.
Ridge Road: Scenic Rd. to Cul-de-sac
Upper Scenic: Unpaved portion (awaiting financial contribution from residents)

Federal Aid STPL

Sir Francis Drake: Patch and Slurry June Ct to Town Limits