Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog #8 Center Blvd Project Update

As many residents and visitors have noticed the Center Blvd. Improvement Project is in full swing. Concrete has been poured and new sidewalks are in along with new ramps for disabled access. There has been much discussion about how many crosswalks are being installed and at what locations. There are three crosswalks being installed as I write this. One will be at the Post Office, one at the main entrance to the Fair Anselm and one at the corner of Center Blvd. and Pastori.

The contractor, Ghilotti Brothers estimates they will complete Center Blvd. at the end of May of this year. There will still be work on Pastori well into the summer, including the overlay of Pastori once the new storm drain is installed.

Please be reminded that all businesses are open for business throughout the construction period and there will be access at all times.