Thursday, August 03, 2006

Press Coverage

Today, I sent the following message to the Marin Independent Journal.

"I’d like to comment to you on the recent IJ press coverage of Fairfax. Some of the articles have been rather sensational, and I feel as if I am being tried and convicted in the newspaper for just making a recommendation, which I have subsequently withdrawn (I did so publicly in your paper on Saturday and also at the Council meeting last night where there was no reporter present). In today’s IJ article, I am now placed in a popularity contest.

I welcome a meeting with anyone on your editorial board. I’d like to explain to them the challenges that Fairfax continues to face, many of which are similarly faced by other small municipalities. I can also explain what my job entails and what I feel I have accomplished in the last seven months that has helped the town move forward toward recovery from the flood disaster.

I feel like Fairfax is, and I am in particular, being singled out and called attention to, in an unfair way."

I welcome your comments and input.