Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Meditation Garden coming soon!

A note from our Public Works Director, Debra Sue Johnson:

Sir Francis Drake High School students will be installing a meditation garden between the Youth Center and the Creek as part of the ROC program. This project is part of the "Art is Everywhere" program in which students create a piece of art and give it back to the community. The students are Becca Zauderer, Dylan Jones, and Rio Helmy.

They will be starting this weekend with rototilling and soil enriching. The design includes three red leaf Japanese maples, flowering plants and shrubs, flagstone paths, benches, and ground cover. They are creating a Van Gogh-like painting to hang in the garden and will also be incorporating a bird bath into the environment. All of the supplies and materials have been donated by Marin County businesses. There will be a grand opening organized and marketed by the students in the very near future.

We have agreed to be the hosts of this wonderful creation with watering to be done by Town Hall staff and volunteers and maintenance to be done by the Public Works Department.