Friday, February 17, 2006

Look for a newsletter next week

Today, we wrapped up the production of a Disaster Recovery Newsletter, designed specifically for the residents and businesses of Fairfax. Look for it in your mail next week. It contains some of the information I have been posting here on my blog and also some new information. The design of the newsletter was donated and Avatar is printing it for us at a reduced cost. Furthermore, the production of the newsletter is supposed to be reimbursable by FEMA, so yes we constantly try to make the most of your local tax dollars. I felt that it was important to bring everyone up to date on the disaster recovery, and also inform you of some upcoming events that will help you and your family become better prepared for any future potential disasters. I appreciate any feedback on the newsletter.

One event advertised in the newsletter is an "Emergency Preparedness and Home Safety Fair." The Fair is taking place on Saturday, March 25th from 11-3 out on the lawn near town hall. If the weather is wet, we will move into the Pavilion which is reserved just in case. The Fair will be an opportunity to learn about how to be more prepared and to ask questions about safety. I thought it important to bring resources to our residents and build on the momentum of awareness for disaster preparedness as well as personal and community safety. Besides, we are also planning on making it a real fun event!